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Most people probably assume that anybody involved in a bus accident is automatically a passenger on one, but there are other situations in which an innocent person can be hurt by a bus that is being driven badly or has something defective on it. You could have been in another vehicle, a pedestrian or riding along the road on a bicycle or motorcycle.

Whatever the circumstances, if you have been involved in a bus accident and have been injured, then you should make sure that you use an experienced accident lawyer to determine whether you have a right to file for damages from the bus driver or bus company.

Why do bus accidents happen?

Bus accidents are not that frequent, but can affect a lot of people when they do happen. Especially if the bus rolls over or swerves off the highway and crashes over an incline or into something solid or has a head on collision with another bus or a truck, then a lot of passengers can be injured or killed. When the bus hits another vehicle, then it is the occupants of the smaller vehicle that are most likely to be injured.

Bus accidents can happen for one or more of the following reasons.

The bus company has not kept up an adequate maintenance program and the result is that something is not working properly on the bus: common causes of accidents are worn tires, inadequate lights, ineffective brakes, poor steering.

The bus has been fitted with a spare part which is defective, but does not reveal its weakness until under stress.

The bus is relatively new and has a manufacturing defect.

The bus driver was driving carelessly. He or she may have been distracted by using a mobile device while driving, or even under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The bus driver was overtired and their state of fatigue was affecting their concentration.

Whatever the cause of the accident, as long as liability can be proved, then you as the accident victim will have the legal right to file for damages from one or more of the parties responsible. There may be more than one party involved in a damages claim depending on the circumstances, so any claim needs to be investigated by a competent accident attorney so that it has the best chance of success.

Accidents cost money – the person responsible should pay

Because of the sheer size of the bus, accidents can cause severe injuries. Any injuries can mean unexpected expense for the accident victim. Extra medical bills, special transport provisions, especially if one’s own automobile has been written off in the accident, lost wages or other sources of income as well as the wear and tear on one’s own psychological state – these all mount up and should not have to be paid for out of one’s own pocket.

A good accident lawyer will be able to put together a convincing case, which presents a realistic claim for compensation for all your present and projected future expenses.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, learn how to protect your rights with a free consultation. Contact an experienced Septa Accident Lawyer.

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